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  • Children playing with a pinata whilst parents and carers look on.

Groups and Activities

Arts and Crafts, submit to funding FAR runs a range of Arts and Crafts, many of these are provided by our staff or volunteers and can be accessed for a short charge. We offer a range of equipment and tutoring around different paper craft activities, we offer support in a friendly group environment which is very appealing to older learning as we step away from the formal class room approach. We support, beginners, to expert and are inclusive and want to provide a space for learning to develop.

Social groups, FAR has provided social groups which cover a range of subjects, ages and needs. We have been used a meeting place for carers, survivors of domestic abuse, counselling groups, fundraising groups, Weddings, Funerals and local residents who have held pie and pea suppers to raise funds for FAR. The possibilities are endless.

Informal Education, We offer a range of learning opportunities, very often residents who first access our centre are at the important step of learning and want to gain confidence before joining a formal course. Sometimes residents join us because they have spare time on their hands and want to learn new skills and meet new people our centre is ideal for this type of informal education. We have in past additionally offered ASDAN, DoE informal educational training and other community based learning from time to time.

Older People, Fenham has always been home to a higher than the city average for older people, our community boosts several residential care homes, our community also has a large number of purpose built properties for older people via Home Housing Group. We engage older people in a number of small activities around learning new skills, learning to adapt to live independently with limited mobility. Information about accessing help and support and also about

Women and girls groups, emancipatory and empowerment of women and girls has been at the heart of our community development work since it began in the 1970’s. Our management committee is made up of 100% local women who are driving forward women’s rights. We have been engaged in a number of different projects aimed at supporting and empowering better self esteem for girls, young women and females, although currently this work is not fully funded this does remain of one of our core community development principles and we continue to invest in equality and supporting of women in our community.